Free Proxy List

All the proxy servers listed below are publically available services set up by other parties. Hot VPN does not endorse any of these proxy servers and cannot be held liable for any possible damages and/or security breaches resulting from your usage of any of these proxy servers. You are welcome to use these proxy servers at your own risk.

If the basic level of anonymity offered by public proxy servers is not enough for you, use our private servers for truly encrypted, secure and anonymous web surfing.

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      Proxies Setup

      Proxy servers are a popular, widely used and easy to set up way to hide your actual IP address. Public proxy servers are available for free use. Use any application supporting proxy server web access to go online with the proxy’s IP address seen as your IP address. Hot VPN offers a database of free proxies which are automatically checked for validity and availability every 60 seconds, 24/7/365.

      Web browser instructions
      Google Chrone:
      • Options --> Under the hood --> Network --> Change proxy settings --> LAN settings --> Use a proxy server --> Advanced --> HTTP
      Mozilla Firefox:
      • Tools --> Options --> Advanced--> Settings --> Manual proxy configuration
      Internet Explorer:
      • Tools --> Internet options --> Connections--> LAN settings --> Use a proxy server --> AdvancedHTTP
      • Tools --> Preferences --> Advanced--> Network
      Anonymity levels

      Transparent: No anonymity; remote host knows your IP and knows you are using proxy.

      Anonimus: Low anonymity; remote host does not know your IP, but it knows you are using proxy.

      Elite: High anonymity; remote host does not know your IP and that you are using proxy OR remote host knows you are using proxy, and thinks it knows your IP, but this is not yours.

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