Privacy Policy

Please familiarize yourself with the Privacy Policy given below which describes how HotVPN handles your sensitive information, what kind of personal information we collect and/or store, and what are our other policies and procedures.

HotVPN has your privacy and anonymous, secure surfing as our top priority. We will never disclose your personal information to third parties.

Personal Information

The types of personal information we collect and store include your email address, your login name, and your history of purchased products and services. HotVPN employs strict data security measures which guarantee no unauthorized access to any personal information of our customers is possible.


Cookies are small files stored on your computer by your browser software, used to identify you and improve your online experience. HotVPN uses cookies when you access our website for order tracking, marketing and service improvement purposes. The cookies we use contain the type of your web browser software, the browser language, the pages you visit and the time of such visits.

You can disable cookies in your browser when accessing our website but HotVPN cannot guarantee that you will be fully able to access our products and services if you do so.


HotVPN strives to make our products and services as secure and anonymous as possible. We never disclose any information our customers share with us with any third parties. However, we have a zero tolerance anti-spam policy. No spamming and similar illegal activities will be tolerated and legal consequences are possible.

Safeguarding your Information

All customer information including but not limited to keys and passwords is stored on encrypted servers. Currently there is no technical possibility to decrypt our data protection algorithms. HotVPN team has a multi-tier authorization system which only lets the staff directly involved in providing the services you ordered access your information, and only to the most reasonable extent. HotVPN employs a strict non-disclosure and data security policy which may result in penalties and legal and/or criminal consequences for unauthorized customer data access and/or disclosure.

Got any questions or concerns about how HotVPN handles your private information? Reach us anytime at or use any other contact method you find convenient – like our contact form right here.

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