Setup VPN in Mac OS X

  1. Step 1. Click the Apple logo in top left hand corner and choose System Preferences. In System Preferences, click Network.

  2. Step 2. In the list of connections, click the + sign and choose VPN as Interface and L2TP over IPSec as VPN Type. In the Service Name field, enter ‘HotVPN’. Click Create.

  3. Step 3. Select the “HotVPN” menu in the left frame, and “Add configuration ...” in the right frame.

  4. Step 4. When prompted to give a name for the new configuration, enter ‘’.

  5. Step 5. Enter your e-mail and server address, which you can find in our website’s Control Panel - "PPTP/L2TP details" menu.

  6. Step 6: Select "Authentication Settings ... " and enter your L2TP password, Shared key (Shared secret): hotvpn and then click OK.

  7. Step 7. Click Advanced. In the window that appears, enable the ’Send all traffic over VPN connection’ and the ‘Use verbose logging’ options. Click OK.

  8. Step 8. Click Apply to apply the changes you just made.

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