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Why HotVPN?

12 years

on the market





Absolute security

3-step security system, thanks to maximum 2048‑bit encryption

Dynamic and static IP

IP change function without reconnection. Automatic change of IP at the set time

Data protection

Complete anonymity and no logging


24/7 support for our clients


Convenient and easy to use application

On any device

Our service will protect you on any device. Supports Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows

What say about HotVPN?

friend 1429.01.2022

Работает быстро.

qwe1112 3634001.06.2019

good vpn thank you:)

breanda 2314230.04.2017

am here love to use hotvpn to speed up my ip action

endyboy12 1035923.08.2014


OxShield 988907.02.2014

Speed :)

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