Disabling the WebRTC function

We recommend using only the Mozilla Firefox browser and only with WebRTC disabled. The threat of using WebRTC is that this web technology detects your actual IP address. When your connection is directly linked to any other user, website, browser or any mobile application, network settings are limited. To create an audio-video link, the browser must work with local IP addresses. It is known that the best solution to protect against IP address leakage is to disable WebRTC technology.

Detailed instructions on how to disable WebRTC in Mozilla FireFox browser:

  1. In the address bar (which is at the very top of the window), enter about:config and press the «Enter»button.
  2. A warning will appear. Click on the "I accept the risk" button. I take the risk in Firefox
  3. After that, we get into the hidden settings. In the search box, type media.peerconnection.enabled and press «Enter». Type  media.peerconnection.enabled
  4. Now you need to double-click on the found parameter and the parameter value will change from «true» to «false».
  5. Restart your web browser.

That's all. After restarting, the WebRTC option will be completely disabled. As you can see, there is nothing difficult if you do everything in strict accordance with the instructions. Andrestarting the browser is necessary. Only in this way will the changes be taken into account.

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