Dashboard is the section containing the main settings of your secure VPN connection. The Account tab is where you state your username/email address and password before connecting to VPN. If you don’t want to re-type it every time you launch the program, simply tick Remember Me. Done with that? Don’t hesitate to click Connect to VPN then!

Logging field contains detailed logs of your activity in Hot VPN. You can always check the status of your connection to VPN there to make sure it is functioning properly.

If you need Hot VPN every time you go online, then just tick the checkboxes on the right. This will make Hot VPN launch when you switch on your computer, connect you to VPN without authorization and start minimized without bothering you on your desktop. So easy!

The anonymity level will be set automatically according to the plan you chose when signing up to Hot VPN.

Check IP

Got connected? Now make sure you’ve got your IP hidden right. Click Check my IP and you will see the details of your current IP. This is your country, state and city as all sites on the Internet see them.

The IP checkup is always carried out in real time. You can select any third-party sites from the dropdown menu below and double-check your current IP with their help anytime. When you click Check my IP on other sites, the corresponding sites will open in your browser window.

Check Speed

Wondering which Hot VPN server to choose to ensure perfectly smooth surfing? Then this section is exactly what you need. Ping all our servers, test downloading and uploading speeds – bet that the detailed information that you get there will be enough for you to understand which one of our servers is best for you.

And don’t worry, the connection is not slow at all. It’s just that we show the downloading/uploading speeds in Mb/sec.

Live Chat

Got questions? There is no need to waste time on calling, emailing or visiting us. The Live Chat function of the software allows you to contact our support service representatives straight from the program’s interface!

We make sure that someone in our office is always there to take care of all your needs and questions via a live text chat.

Billing and Packages

Manage your subscription and select the level of anonymity that suits your particular needs best from this section. Here you will see what exact features each of the packages that we offer includes – and renew/upgrade your subscription with those features in mind. No need to hit the site over and over again – you can do it all straight from the software interface.

IP Change

Your work requires that you change your IP frequently? Our VPN client makes that possible in just a couple of clicks! Just push the button and your IP will be changed into another one in 3 minutes – without breaking the connection! You can also specify whether you want a static IP (always the same) or dynamic IP (a new one assigned with every new connection). Moreover, you can set Hot VPN so that your IP and server get changed automatically and regularly after specified time intervals. Please, note that while an IP change doesn’t require breaking the connection, the automatic change of the server does trigger reconnection.

Payment methods:
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